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The Guantian District Mediation Committee helps  settle disputes free of charge, with the verdicts established carrying equal effectiveness as a court verdict.
Mediation Service
1.  Aim:
To help citizens to settle disputes and provide them with legal aid, Enthusiastic and impartial adults are selected to form the mediation committee,composed of 11 members, including a chairperson, committee members, and a secretary .Together,they help citizens settle disputes based on a fair and sincere service attitude.
2.   Scope of mediation
(1) Civil cases: disputes over traffic accidents, leases, debts, property, and rotating savings and credit associations.
(2) Criminal cases involving a private cause of action: accidental infliction of injury in car accidents, offences against sexual morality, offenses against marriage and family, and  medical  malpractice.
3.    Application for mediation
(1)  Written applications: The litigant or his/her appointed agent may collect the Mediation Service Application Form from the mediation committee and complete the form to apply for mediation.
(2)  Verbal applications: Litigants who are illiterate or have visual, hearing, or speaking disabilities may directly express their need for mediation to the mediation committee. The committee will assist with the application.
4.    Required documents
(1)  Traffic accident disputes: the referral and verification report issued by the traffic police and the applicant's identity card and personal seal.
(2)  Lease disputes: a photocopy of the lease and the applicant's identity card and personal seal.
(3)  Debt disputes: promissory notes, checks, and loan agreements and the applicant's identity card and personal seal.
(4)  Property disputes: land ownership certificates, land registration transcripts, and land revision survey chart and cadastral map, and the applicant's identity card and personal seal.
(5)  Other disputes: a photocopy of the company’s profit business registration, company seal, and personal seal and the legal representative's identity card.
(6)  Minor applicants should submit a verified copy of the certificate of household registration (entire household) of their legal representatives: parents or guardians.
(7)  Indicts should submit the court decision of a declaration of interdiction.
Legal Aid and Consultation
Currently we provide free legal consultation provided by senior and experienced legal consultants from 14:00 to 16:00 on Fridays of the first and third week of each month. Citizens are welcome to make their enquiries.
1.   The on-line mediation application platform at http://easy.tainan.gov.tw/ began services as of November 4, 2014.
2.   Service personnel
Secretary: Hu Bi-yun
Phone: (06) 579-1118 ext.143 and 145
Fax: (06) 579-4390